FingerTie, your easy reminder

✔Are you in a hurry and need to remember something and type it fast?

✔Are you someone who forgets easily?

✔Well, then your answer is here. FingerTie! Just type the text, select the hour, choose a day and tie it, That´s it!

✔Only 4 taps to record a reminder.

✔Thanks to the wheel, designed for this app, you can punch in any specific date and hour effecitively.

✔Finger tie will advise you of this reminder with an alarm. Thanks to the local notification from your iPhone, even when you phone is locked or unlocked, you will see the alarm.

Technologies used

  • Objective-C
  • xCode
  • MVC

What I’ve learned/improved

  • Team work
  • Objective-C language
  • inApp purchase
  • Relaseing multiple app versions to the store
  • How to deal with a huge number of users/downloads
  • Importance of a good UX and how users can behave in unexpected ways
  • Local and Push notifications
Joan F. Guerrero
Joan F. Guerrero
iOS Developer