For a democracy to work properly, it is necessary that representatives of the people have easy access to all the information necessary to make the right decisions. NotuBox, NotuBiz’s mobile platform for council publication, creates the conditions to always be able to disseminate and consult administrative information. NotuBox makes it very easy for registrars of government organizations to distribute all relevant information such as meeting agendas and documents.

Following college, council and committee meetings can be completely paperless with NotuBox. Printing and copying documents is a thing of the past. If a new version of a document is required, it can be easily updated via NotuBox. You save money, take the environment into account and are more flexible in your communication with council members. NotuBox allows users to create personal files and share documents with others. The internal PDF reader supports annotation and sharing. Archive broadcasts of past meetings can also be consulted via NotuBox.

Technologies used

  • First production app fully written in Swift
  • PSPDKit

What I’ve learned/improved

  • Swift
  • VIPER architecture
  • The importance of Unit Tests
  • Test Driven Development / TDD
  • xCode Server - CI / CD
Joan F. Guerrero
Joan F. Guerrero
iOS Developer