KPN Thuis App

Installing new network devices at home without a hassle – that was the main challenge for the development of the KPN Thuis (“KPN Home”) app. Hardware is often delivered with extensive and complicated manuals and users have to find their way and their specific scenario for setting up this equipment.

Elements was asked to assist KPN in the challenge of facilitating end-users with a better experience for improving their home networks. The goal was to get higher customer satisfaction with increased customer loyalty and a reduction of support and maintenance costs.

Technologies used

  • Widget
  • App Extension
  • VIPER architecture
  • UDP multicast
  • RxSwift
  • Lottie
  • SwiftUI

What I’ve learned/improved

  • Creating a private Cocoapod with UPnP library
  • UDP broadcast
  • SOLID principles
  • Clean architecture
Joan F. Guerrero
Joan F. Guerrero
iOS Developer