Steel Profile

Prontuario Perfiles is a tool designed for accessing and managing data handbook most common profile in the market (IPE, IPN, HEB …). In accordance with the rules of Eurocode 3, Three-Bytes has created an indispensable tool for professionals in the construction sector.

Among the most important features, the application has a list of profiles most commonly used in the construction market, an area for inputting data such as an arrow, loading, length, inertia and a tab where you can view the result of profile sought, with all its features, such as dimensions, section, weight, etc..

Steel Profile with an interface that will take you through the basic steps for choosing the best profile for each case. Another important feature of the program is the ability to send these results to their usual suppliers easily, by email or making a phone call to any contact in your phonebook.

Steel Profile, wants to be an indispensable tool for the job in the work, for any designers, planners, builder, construction managers or metal construction workshops, which require speed, efficiency and communication.

Three-Bytes has created an indispensable tool for the building professionals.

Joan F. Guerrero
Joan F. Guerrero
iOS Developer